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As an academic I research how our multitude of fascinating senses interact with each other. This crossmodal perception is the focal point of my PhD studies at the University of Oxford.

Aside from being in love with science and how our minds work, I am passionate about nature, photography, books, wild swimming, social and climate justice, weightlifting, art, & plant-based food.


My undergraduate years at Oxford were focused on studying a breadth of topics across psychology and philosophy. My dissertation focused on pain as a sensory modality. Now that I am back for my D.Phil I am exploring the causal origins of crossmodal correspondences. Find out more in the Psychology section.


Whilst completing my Masters I examined the relationship between the dark triad and emotional intelligence. During my time at the business psychology consultancy YSC my extensive review of the literature on the science of behaviour change formed the basis of a model and book by Nik Kinley and Schlomo Ben-Hur.


Whilst I predominately take photos for myself whilst exploring the world, I have done work for alumni events, parties, theatre productions and backstage, promo shoots for companies and creative groups, food & cooking, and a wedding. I am always looking for new and exciting collaborations in the Oxford, London, and Cologne areas.

Natural History Museum Oxford