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My work is currently focused on exploring public and expert perceptions and forecasts of AI. I apply my experience working in Experimental Psychology to explore themes relevant to AI governance and ethics, existential risk, and AI forecasting.


My current projects include:

AI and ML Researchers’ Views of AI

A survey of NeurIPS and ICML authors’ views of themes relevant to AI governance, ethics, forecasting and immigration. You can check out our paper on AI ethics and governance or immigration. The paper on AI forecasting is in preparation.

Economists’ Views of the Future of AI

A survey of economists that aims to find out their views on AI policy and predictions about the effect of AI on growth and other economic outcomes.

Public Opinion of Artificial Intelligence

A cross-cultural survey of the public in China, Europe, and the US exploring themes important to AI ethics and governance and the long-term future of AI.

Mind perception, Anthropomorphism, Trust, Threat, and AI Governance

A study of the effect human-like language and mind perception have on perceptions of threat and trust towards AI and how this, in turn, may affect attitudes towards AI and AI governance.